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Why Explore The Galapagos?

Why you should visit the beautiful Galapagos Islands

Do you go for the wildlife? The “stranded on a deserted island” experience? Or do you go because the Galapagos will mesmerize you on a level which will surprise the most seasoned traveller. You can think of it like a marine safari. You travel to Africa to see the “Big 5” of the Sub-Saharan Plains… but the tropical wildlife in the Galapagos is equally as fascinating.No matter the reason, a journey to the Equator to experience the raw beauty of the Galapagos Islands is must for any traveller.

Here are 6 reasons for you to travel to the the Galapagos:


1. Underwater tunnels of Los Tuneles

Immerse yourself underwater as you snorkel the naturally formed underground stone tunnels of Los Tuneles. Dive into the clear waters and swim with white-tipped reef sharks, sea turtles, sea lions, eagle rays, marine iguanas and galapagos penguins.


2. Isla Bartolome

During your visit to Isla Bartolome,  you can visit the most recognizable landmark of the Galapagos - the Pinnacle Rock. Visitors can explore the island on a 600-meter route while taking in some out of this world views of the Pinnacle Rock and Sullivan Bay. The north beach is fantastic for snorkeling and discovering the marine wildlife, you will be joined by penguins, marine turtles and plenty of tropical fish.


3. Tortuga Bay

Tortuga Bay offers visitors a chance to explore the beauty and serenity of white-sand beaches and crystal blue waters. Visitors who wish to go swimming or surfing can walk 2.5km southwest of Puerto Ayora where the land provides protection from the dangerous currents. Beach lovers will share the beach with pelicans and flamingos. Don’t miss the picturesque lagoon and discovering a wealth of marine species in Tortuga Bay.


4. Isla Isabela (Albemarle)

Isla Isabela is relatively young with five active volcanoes. The island is well known for it’s massive tortoise population which is for nature enthusiasts with penguins, cormorants, marine iguanas, boobies and pelicans species living on the island.


5. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

A location that will attract many fishing enthusiasts. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno has the feel of a fishing-village with world-class surfing and snorkeling activities set on a gorgeous white sandy beach. The island is home to one of the most spectacular landmarks on the Galapagos islands - Kicker Rock. The attraction consists of two volcanic rocks that tower over 140 meters. A must see.


6. Floreana (Isla Santa María or Charles)

Florena is a fascinating experience for historians and letter writers. Home to Post Office Bay created when sailors from whaling ships looking to get letters to their home port used a barrel to server as their post office. Head to Cormorant Point for beach combing and birdlife on Flour Beach (made of coral) then over to the green beach whose colour was made from olivine crystals.

And as a final point, the weather in the Galapagos...it is pretty much perfect for exploring. It might rain a touch and it can be humid but, it is very consistent. Which is more than you can say for most tropical or exotic destinations.


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